Proper Ceiling Fan Rotation

Fans are a fantastic approach to help make a home feel more comfortable throughout any season of the year, and they are pretty economical. However, a large number of property owners aren’t familiar with the right directions the fan should rotate according to what one needs it to do. The correct direction may make an impact on ones electric expenses also.

A lot of ceiling fans are developed with a pull which will alter the direction the blades rotate. Reversing the direction of the rotation while in the summertime and winter season will certainly go a long way in helping to make a space seem cooler or warmer.AC Repair Galveston TX

During the summer season when one would want to be cooler, the right ceiling fan rotation is clockwise, when looked at from the ground. This can allow the fan to move the cooler air upward from the ground and make the area seem much more cozy. Modify the velocity of the fan to regulate the power of the air flow. The ceiling fan does not actually alter the temp in the area. Rather, the air flow movement helps it seem cooler.

Then, during the winter season, change the course of the blades to counter clockwise. Lower the velocity some too, for they will not need to spin as rapidly to be able to keep warm air circulating through the space. Considering that heat rises, it will often get caught against the ceiling. The fan can drive the warm air back down the walls and keep the area warmer.

So, how can ceiling fans help reduce ones energy bills? Given that fans allow one to lower or bring up the thermostat settings, depending on the season, so the AC or furnace is not running as frequently, it is going to cost less to use. Adjusting the speed and direction in which ones fans rotate on a seasonal basis can help keep the home more cozy all through the year, even while saving money.  Look at the home energy saving tips from our friends at AC Repair Galveston.